‘Mo’ Meat’

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I’ve been studying meat cutting again. Got a call yesterday that there will be an elk to butcher this weekend. And next week, I’m going on my first moose hunt where I actually have a tag. I’m planning on having a game dinner here, likely on Nov 11th. I’m hoping to have some home-made fresh sausages, smoked sausages, hickory smoked jerky, some fresh filet mignon to sauté, and a cured and smoked brisket. We’ll see.

And if you know me well and have any interest in some choice cuts of fresh elk or calf moose, let me know soon. It’s better never having been frozen, as many things are. So if you’re going to eat game at all this entire year, the coming 2-3 weeks is the best time to do it.

Note: ‘mo meat’ is quoting my niece when she was 2 or so, and I was serving her game. We didn’t know if she’d like it. She did.

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