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Ling cod fishing is a lot of fun – a lot of action. I had a huge dog fish [small shark] coming after one of the ling on my line. Had to have been a big dog fish to want a piece of a 10 lb ling cod. I’ve been surprised how many ling are in that size range – which is perfect for eating. We’ve caught one teenie one, and the big brute 25 pounder, but the vast majority look like what P shows in the picture.

And then, happy times for P. She’s heard for years about the deep fried cod feeds out here. And they hadn’t done one for a couple years, so the stars aligned, and it was time. An epic feed. P will certainly remember it for a long, long time. We deep fried a whole 10-12 lb ling cod, and many pounds of russet potatoes. Likely the best fish and chips we’ll ever have. Speaking of which, I’m going to have some leftover cod for breakfast, I think. Yesterday’s lunch was the leftover cod ‘salad sandwich’ with a half crab. Life’s rough.

Another notable item – we’re experienceing our first ‘red tide’. The locals haven’t seen the goopy brown and red waters this bad ever. At first they weren’t sure what it was in Butte inlet. Brown gloopy stuff, so thick that you can’t see more than a few inches down through it. Now in, Alberta, that’s normal for our lakes. But here, that’s bizarre, contrasted against the cold crystal clear ocean water. So no eating shellfish while we’re here. Not unless we want to die.

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