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I just had the most bizarre experience. I was outside, checking out my herb bed, and noticed a rabbit nibbling new greens along the sidewalk edge, about 30-40 yards away. Admittedly, I had evil thoughts that involved maybe eating him. He also reminded me of a pet rabbit I once had. So he was working his way towards me, and I figured if I stayed still, he may bounce along the sidewalk behind me. Nope. He bounced towards my garden. I’ve often wondered why rabbits don’t visit my garden more frequently. Maybe it’s because the first thing he tried was a blackberry leaf. Ouch. Anyway, he checked out my lillies, pass. Checked out my compost. Pass. He then proceeded to hop to my herb bed. Yes. I was still standing right in front of it. He stopped, 1 foot from my big toe [I just measured it], to check out my basil. Not a quick stop, either. A lengthy visit, a mosey. I couldn’t believe it. The photo on my left shows my sandal where I was standing, and the basil in the garden. And I didn’t have my camera. DANG. Brave little bunny. I now feel a little insulted he didn’t eat anything. My garden produce not good enough for him?

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