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Okay, the verdict is in. This is the best thing to leave my ice cream machine yet. My lovely wife’s reaction was ‘okay, no more ice cream’ – stick with the gelato. This has a better texture, more intense flavor, lower fat content, and lower calorie count than any ice cream I’ve made. Truly an accomplishment. And yes, you should click on the photo to take a closer look. Just don’t drool on the keyboard.

The recipe and a great article on gelato in general can be found at: I tried #2.

How I obtained a large supply of gelato spoons is a long story, and beyond the scope of this post.

My morning also involved another preparation. Mogettes de Vendée. These are beans I sourced at Epicerie Fine on Rue de Champs de Mars in Paris. I grew up eating Great Northern beans, cooked how my grandfather remembers his mom making them – that part of my family originating from Vendée. Although I don’t think my great-grandmother would have used Mrs. Dash – so I use fresh herbs from the garden. So when I saw the ACTUAL bean that Vendée is famous for [in France, at least], I eagerly picked up a stash to bring home. This particular batch is enjoying a bath in some extra virgin olive oil I picked up from a producer near Petroio, Tuscany. The producer came highly recommended by some Tuscan foodie friends of ours.

Anyway, enjoy. I have some more cooking [and eating] to do.

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