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Yesterday I was at a BBQ at my in-laws’. Shortly after arriving, while on an intense search in an abyss of a fridge for something dinner-related, my wife dug this tetra-packed wine-box out from the depths. ‘You can throw this out, dad’. We had bought a 3 pack for my father-in-law in Sinalunga, Italy. For a laugh, more than anything. That was in 2002. That’s right, 5 years ago. It has been ‘aging’ in the depths of their fridge for 5 years. A scary proposition. But we had to taste it.

Unbelievably, it had clearly browned in color from age. It had the raisiny-plum characteristics of an aged red. Was it good? Hah. As if. But we had a good chuckle and finished the 5 year ‘tetra-pack-aged’ Italian red wine. Forgive me for not including it in my tasting notes.

Lunch today was the dregs of a few pastas, topped with a serious amount of fresh basil pesto. I had some Piave Vecchio and Parmesan Reggiano that needed to be used up. My basil was undesirably shading some other plants in the herb garden. I have fond memories of basil pesto in Liguria – a copious creamy light green heap on your pasta. This was nowhere near that quality, but a good impromptu lunch dish, nonetheless.

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