Harvesting, Not Thinning: Baby Beets

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Eliot  Coleman sticks in my head – probably from Four Season Harvest – re-framing the concept of ‘thinning’ into one of ‘harvesting’. Today I embraced the latter. My beets needed ‘thinning’. A well intentioned older neighbor even told me so. And ‘harvesting’ to enjoy baby produce is a far more enjoyable job, let me tell you. [Not that I don’t normally eat thinnings, but I know gardeners who don’t.] If one reaps not the benefits of the baby produce for whatever reason [which I don’t comprehend] then thinning, well, is indeed ‘thinning’, and basically sucks. Suggests a new seeding strategy [ie, more sparsely] to avoid the task, really. Harvesting – by far preferable.

These teenie bull’s blood and forono beets went two directions: cooked with salt, pepper, and butter to go aside a cassoulet-esque dish, and chopped into a vegetable soup with some new baby dill. Yum + my body thanks me for the injection of healthful vitamins and minerals. I’m glad it’s this time of year again. Gardening rocks.

2 Comments on “Harvesting, Not Thinning: Baby Beets”

  1. Mel

    I’m definitely with you: thinning = harvesting. I’ve always eaten the little shoots and sprouts I uproot when neatening up my garden rows. Unfortunately though, this year and last year I’ve had a big problem with cutworms, so I’ve actually let my rows stay unruly, as the worms end up eating a bunch of the shoots – if I thin too early, I end up with many less vegetables than I could have had. Stupid worms.

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