2009 Red Sparkle Apple Wine Update

I’m very behind with posting. Fortunately my computer overlooks my smoking setup, so that I can type away while keeping watch on the now-smoking-bacon from this fall’s pig butchering event. Trying to avoid last time’s mistake.

I’ve been meaning to post about my apple wine, as it’s been a remarkable success. Phenomenal break through. It now seeming like a lifetime ago since harvest and crushing/pressing, the wine has since fermented to about 12% alcohol, undergone a spontaneous malolactic fermentation that took several weeks, and was aged with medium toast american oak for several weeks. The weather here tanked to -40C or colder, and my cellar dipped into 8C territory, inducing the wines to drop clear. So no fining or filtering.

What does it taste like? Honestly, it reminds me of a very well made old-world chardonnay. It has apple on the palate, but also canned pineapple, and smells of cheese, caramel, and smells shockingly like white grape wine. It has good concentration on the nose and on the palate. Shocking. I truly, truly love it. It has no resemblance to home-made plonk, which was certainly a possible outcome.

More excitement? My Red Sparkle apple tree has produced 100 kg or so of apples in the past two years – amounting to about 5 cases of wine. I made just over 2 cases this year – next year more.

Currently, I’m guessing this stuff will age respectably for few years. We’ll see. I have some safely stowed in bins for future consumption to do that research.

Who knew.

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