374 Bricks on the Wall

My recent obsession with some impending wine making has been temporarily sidetracked by yet another project. Last winter I spent many a night debating my needs and the design for a future brick wood/charcoal grill to adorn my future outdoor kitchen. I eventually settled on a design. But the time and budget weren’t there. I was looking for a brick with some character, some patina, and had only really looked to brick manufaturers who fill that niche. Got a little tired, spent money elsewhere [wine cellar], and the project got shelved.

I had not, oddly, considered buying used bricks. But some resourceful friends of mine [who are rubbing off on me] are one step smarter. Buy used bricks? Scoff. How about free used bricks? Today I called a guy with an add online, getting rid of bricks. I now have 374 very cool bricks. The brick grill and outdoor kitchen project just got a big push forward on my agenda. Free is good.

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