4 Wines & A Plate: Sauvignon Blanc


The following is a summary of our monthly wine tasting group evening. Wines are tasted blind [brown bagged], food is paired to the varietal, we score the wines, have some good fun talking about them, and unbag them at the end. More details in a Q&A here.

Sauvignon Blanc had been on the to-do list since last summer, so it was long overdue. For those red-wine-folks that don’t do whites, all I can say is that you’re missing out. [But don’t start now. Low demand is good


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  2. I finally tried the Valencay and St. Maure this week. They’re beautiful. Even with my rough palate, the taste of mushrooms is unmistakable.

    I’m so close to Old Strathcona that I rarely go to City Market, so it might have taken me years to stumble across Smoky Valley. Thanks for the recommendation.

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