75 lbs of Saskatoons Day

A friend and I were up around 5 this morning to a) miss the heat of the day in the low 30sC, and b) take advantage of an offer from a friend of mine to go pick saskatoons at thier place while they were on holidays. The thing is, the acreage they bought used to be a saskatoon farm. So they kinda have lots. We picked from 7-11ish and picked about 75 lbs of berries. Yeah. 75 lbs. And we only tackled perhaps a third of the crop. So back we go again Sunday morning – same time, same place.

I must confess, I think these berries are misunderstood. Firstly, I think the texture of wild berries puts people off – but these are bred for commercial use and are therfore large, juicy, and tender. They basically reminded me of large blueberries that grow in clusters the size of small grape bunches. What’s not to love about that?!?!?

Menu tonight: duck confit garden salad with fresh saskatoons & saskatoon vinaigrette + calf elk burgers + charcoal grilled calf moose steak with honey, garlic, chili, and yes, saskatoon glaze. Clearly more saskatoon posting is in my future.

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