Cob Oven Bacon

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Writing about bacon. Again. Just when I thought there wasn’t anything additional to add to the conversation I have with myself here, there was something else to add. A simple conclusion: wood ovens are fantastic smokers. Different than a commercially manufactured smoker that generally involves automation, an element, and some wood chips, it still requires some finagaling in the way … Read More

Smoking Heart and Bacon

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I had been thinking of cold smoking my piece of curing elk heart, and then ‘Meat Smoking and Smokehouse Design‘ arrived from the library. Inspiring book. No question I was going to give it a go after reading all kinds of cool ideas on how to cold smoke. It’d only been curing a couple days, but I had some bacon … Read More

Bacon Deserves Some Respect

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I know, I write about bacon a lot. And I know, bacon’s so last year, right? Wrong. Putting bacon in all kinds of stupid stuff – that’s so last year. But top-shelf bacon is, and will be so long as man and pork collide, a force of awesomeness to be reckoned with. For those of you who have been paying … Read More

Bacon & Eggs: 2 Ways

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It was bacon smoking day. What to eat while smoking bacon? Bacon, of course. What to pair with bacon? Well I had some ridiculously nice eggs, and last time I checked, bacon and eggs were buds. Dandelion salad w/ bacon-cider vinaigrette, minced bacon, poached egg, toast, and steamed asparagus. I’ll be honest: dandelion have not been in my repertoire prior. … Read More

Asparagus, Bacon, Poached Eggs & Toast

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Asparagus is in season. Somewhere in the world, at least – certainly not in my garden that’s under 2-3 feet of snow still. But it’s half the normal price and it’s fresh, starting in Feb around here. I happen to hold asparagus at the top of my favorite-veg-list, and although I’ve been tempted to hold out for local asparagus season, … Read More