Episode 42 – Slow Food Edmonton

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I’ve been involved with our local Slow Food convivium for a couple years now, and this year was an opportunity for Edmonton to play host to convivia leaders from across Canada, as well as delegates from Slow Food International for Slow Food Canada’s national meeting. What resulted was a rather epic adventure in food, as well as an unprecedented coming … Read More


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Dear whoever will read this, [this letter has been sent to the mayor and a number of city councillors] I would like to add my voice to all the others asking the city for a non-essential or cosmetic pesticide ban. I’m a local food writer heavily involved in the urban agriculture and foraging communities. I lead groups of Edmontonians to … Read More

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Since 2005, this site has diarized my life in the world of food. I now write, produce and direct food and ag related film about growing, gleaning, hunting, foraging, fishing, preserving, connecting with local farmers – that kind of thing. Along this path I started a production company called Story Chaser Productions that now chases stories around the globe. We’ve done work for … Read More

Sonora – homeward

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A little behind on my posts, I know. Yesterday morning Henry took us out salmon fishing. The day before, a 41 lb salmon, and a 56 lb salmon both came out of the same spot. When fishing is slow, this is a major deal. The big one was the biggest in the area since 1963. The highlight of the outing … Read More