A memorable food day

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I made and smoked sausage today, and am happy with the product for the first time. I’d tried with goose meat prior, and it smelled and looked the part, but tasted awful. This time I blended calf moose, elk, and pork, and it looks, smells, and tastes great. Thank god.

While making the sausage, I couldn’t bring myself to grind up all the calf moose I had out – it was a rather nice cut [top sirloin]. So I cut a couple ‘steaks’, and did them as I normally do in salt, pepper, and butter. Deglazed with a little red wine and reduced. The memorable part though was pairing it with a porcini mushroom risotto. Pam’s idea, not mine. I bought a bunch of dried porcinis at Costco, and hadn’t used them much, but they’ll get used up now. Risotto is underrated. And overpriced in restaurants.

Anyway…the camera came out twice today to take pictures of food. Hopefully I’m together enough to post pictures to accompany this post by tomorrow.

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