A Sausage First

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Today I completed my first attempt at making my own sausage. It’s a lot of work, but damn tasty. I made a pork garlic sausage with herbs my garden and red wine I made with airborne yeast and no chemicals. It was an important first step in my quest to make a variety of ‘gourmet’ sausages during this year’s coming hunting season.

One of the main drivers for me to take this on – other than flavour and overall quality – is knowing exactly what’s in it. I chose the cut of pork shoulder. I ground it myself. Short of having raised the pig, I know where everything came from, that it was fresh and of the highest quality available – and no preservatives, additives, or other ‘unpronoucables’ you find on ingredient labels. And if I continue to write my blog entries in the coming week – no botulism either!

A few sausage recipes pending: ‘venison with madeira’, ‘canada goose confit with sweet potato’, and ‘venison with gin and juniper’. Yum.

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