Since 2005, this site has diarized my life in the world of food. I now write, produce and direct food and ag related film about growing, gleaning, hunting, foraging, fishing, preserving, connecting with local farmers – that kind of thing.

Along this path I started a production company called Story Chaser Productions that now chases stories around the globe. We’ve done work for folks like Cook It Raw, Alberta Culinary TourismAlberta Agriculture and Rural Development, University of Alberta, Canadian Cattlemen’s Association, Alberta Pulse Growers, Slow Food in Canada, the International Bar Association, and a wide variety of other organizations. Story Chaser is in season 2 of production of our epic hunting/fishing/foraging/wild food cookery series called ‘From The Wild‘. We also recently released the sequel to a documentary we produced in Japan called ‘Springhammer‘, which won the ‘People’s Choice Award’ at the 2014 Edmonton International Film Fest.

Past projects include a few years of contribution to the Alberta Conservation Association‘s ‘Conservation Magazine’ and ‘Discover Guide’ writing about wild food, board service for the City of Edmonton Food Council,  Alberta Farmers’ Market Association and Operation Fruit Rescue Edmonton, contributions to the FarmOn Farm Masters program, and facilitating farm and foraging experiences for NAIT’s culinary program.

Over the years, this website has won ‘Best Seasonal/Local’ in the Canadian Food Blog Awards, won ‘The Perennial Plate’ video competition and went on tour with Metro Cinema’s Prairie Tales 13. I’ve been featured in the Edmonton Journal, Calgary Herald,, CBC radio, CHED, Vue Weekly, CTV, CTV2 Alberta Primetime, BTV Edmonton, and other local, national, and international media. I’ve done speaking engagements for the University of Alberta, MacEwan University, the Northern Alberta Teachers’ Conference, Eat Alberta, the Devonian Gardens, Edmonton Next Gen, Edmonton Public Library, Calgary Horticultural Society, Seedy Sunday, Edmonton Permaculture, and others. I’m an alum of Avenue Magazines’ 2012 ‘Top 40 under 40’.

Feel free to email me, chat me up on Twitter, or keep tabs on what I’m up to on instagram @kevinkossowan.

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  2. George Georgeadis

    Hello Kevin,

    A co-worker recently forwarded me your work and I just had to reach out to you! Your work is beautiful, love the cinematography and your storytelling skills!

    Are you currently working with any stock agencies? I am a fellow filmmaker/storyteller and the product manager here at Dissolve and I was hoping to introduce you to Dissolve and see if you were interested in working with us. We’re in Alberta (Calgary) too!

    A bit about us, as you may already know, Dissolve is a stock footage website by some of the founders and original creative minds behind Veer and iStock. We are 100% focused on selling footage and specializing in supporting the unique needs of footage buyers around the world. We sell footage to anyone from small businesses, some of the top ad agencies in the world and big Hollywood studios.

    We are looking to work with contributors that are as passionate about cinematography, video and stock footage as we are. We believe that footage is at the heart of great storytelling and we want you to be a part of this growing community and be proud to call Dissolve home for your footage. We are creating something special here and wanted to see what you think!

    Have a look at our site when you get the chance or let me know if you have any questions and if this is something you’d be interested in.

    I’d love to hear from you!

    Hope you are having a beautiful day!

  3. Jill Cunningham

    My name is Jill Cunningham and I am organizing this summer’s PDC with Javan Bernakevitch and Ron Berezan. We are a little late sending out notice as a previous organizer had to bow out and as new organizers, we have finally gotten our ‘ducks in a row’ to be able to announce the course and begin marketing.
    This year we are trying a marketing technique whereby we send certain ‘hubs’ information about the course and ask if they (you) would like to promote the course to your membership with a kickback of 5-10% of tuition should one of your members register. You could choose to share 5% back to the student or keep the full 10% for your organization. It would be over $100 per member registered for 10 minutes or so work on your part sharing the course info. We will have a code to track registration and send a cheque to you at course end.
    There will be a super fantastic deal the first 2 days of registration which will open within the week.
    If you would like to participate in marketing for our August 13-27 PDC, email me:

    Best regards,


  4. ken knoll

    hello Kevin,

    My wife and I have been following you for a long time now, and because of it we have made many friends and partners in the “whole food” movement that believe in sustainability and the environment in which we live and produce our food.

    I am writing to you today because of a “chance” meeting this spring with a youngish fellow who rang our doorbell one day looking to see if I would like to get rid of a maple tree I had cut down( didn’t want too! ) the year before. We got to talking and I learned that he had recently moved back to Alberta from northern BC (rural- Sturgeon county ) to run his mobile wood mill. Hence the reason he stopped in my back alley in the first place. Suffice to say this meeting has lead to a very interesting acquaintance…….one of sustainability! What this fellow is doing is absolutely commendable and I believe you need to see it for your self. Its a great opportunity for a new story and I can not think of a better person to represent this persons aspirations and contentious attitude to a sustainable way of life and planet, than yourself. If this is something that you may be interested in, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Sincere regards, Ken and Jackie of the Highlands.

  5. Jordan caygill

    Hi Kevin I am a composer from England UK if you would be interested in my services for your work get in touch via my website link below. My site has a range of music, I am diverse and would love the opportunity to be apart of your work.


  6. Ryan


    Do you broad cast your content with a BDU in Canada ?

    Ryan Kohler
    Wild TV

  7. John Bergher

    Greetings Kevin from down south in the US.

    Would like to introduce you to the CoolBot, which is a patented device that enables users to create a low cost walk in cooler utilizing a window or mini split air conditioner. With 35,000 CoolBots in use, almost 7,500 sold this year and a 5 Star Amazon rating, the CoolBot has seen tremendous growth in the Hunting/Meat & Outdoor arenas; our fastest growing segment.

    Our executive team would love the chance to get your eyes on the CoolBot in action and be part any feature you deem applicable. Perhaps we can collaborate on a Blog and introduce the CoolBot to the UK hunting scene? We are exploring distribution opportunities as well and would like to solicit your opinions on local market as we sell regularly in the Canada.

    Please visit our website to see the Coolbot in action as well as what our customers are saying. Please view the Hunting & Meat segments where customer testimonials are detailed.

    We would enjoy scheduling an introductory call after the holidays if the CoolBot peaks your interest?

    With much appreciation,

  8. Mike

    Whats a professional camcorder to purchase that will get me some nice slow motion video and allow me to record in low light. give me your low end option and mid range if you can.


  9. Kevin

    Hi Mike – I’m a pretty poor resource for this, as I only ever use one camera body [C100Mk2]. My suggestion is to check out YouTube reviews. Sorry I can’t be more useful. :P

  10. Francoois L'Heureux


    May I have your recipe of Saucisson Sec d’Orignal?

    Many thanks


  11. Kevin

    Hi Francois – it’s basically the saucisson sec recipe from Ruhlman’s ‘Charcuterie’ book but with moose instead of pork for meat.

  12. Kate Schutt


    Great to meet you at the Beard Award Dinner in NYC on April 27, 2018. I’m the one that out of the blue introduced myself to you because you looked like a “cool dude.” The musician …

    Would love to be in touch!


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