KevinTV started as a modest web series about my adventures in the world of local food. The last thing I thought it would do is land me working full time in production, but alas, that is what has happened. It has also led me to ‘From the Wild’.

FROM THE WILD is a 22-min/episode 12 episode/season series about the adventures inherent in sourcing one’s food from the wild – including culinary adventures. The 2014 season will cover a lot of ground including ice fishing, canoe trips in the rockies, black bear hunting in the boreal, moose, mule deer, whitetail deer, elk hunts, waterfowl, upland game, and more.

Trailers for each episode will be available on vimeo and here on my site, as usual. Once live, full episodes will be available here. I’ll admit that Vimeo On Demand has been a bit clunky, but it remains my best option in the emerging world of online pay-per-view. For those of you that are curious [I get a lot of questions], yes, it has been a success.

Thanks to every single last one of you who stay tuned.

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