Ah, my very own horseradish monster

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There are pros and cons to inheriting someone else’s gardens when you move. A pro for me? This gigantic horseradish patch behind my garage. It’s large enough to eat my small child, so we have to be careful.

I eat a lot of game, as you know, and my favorite condiment with game is easily prepared horseradish. Needless to say, I will eventually be posting on my first attempts at making and canning the stuff for my winter supply. I’ve read about it, and talked to some folks that have made it, so I know enough to…let’s say…be cautious. But if you have a tried and true recipe to share – please do!

On another note: as I slowly get my life back in order after a crazy year, I am resolved to get back to my blogging self. More tomorrow. Promise.

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