Amended Bread Gig

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Long ago, I posted about my ‘usual’ bread recipe. It’s the kind of recipe I’ve made so often I have the numbers in my head. But today I realized that for some time, I’ve making the same modifications to it. So why follow the same recipe all the time if I end up tweaking it anyway? Yeah…no good answer there, is there.

Two main changes to my now current bread gig: triple the quantity [I have a big freezer and more mouths to feed], and about 8-9% more flour. Every time I made the dough it would stick all over the place and I ended up adding more to preserve sanity. The ratios below didn’t need any extra flour while kneading.

1300g flour
1 tbsp salt
1 tbsp yeast
840g warm water

Laziness. See the details in post linked above.

Why bake your own bread?

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