An Afternoon with Bread


Life’s pace slowed for a moment today, so out came the flours. I made 3 doughs. 1] 50% Highwood Crossing Unbleached White, 50% Gold Forest Grains Whole Wheat. 2] 50% Highwood Crossing Unbleached White, 50% Gold Forest Grains Rye and 3] 100% Highwood Crossing Unbleached White. So a white, a whole wheat, and a rye. All with roughly 80% hydration, 1ml salt and active dry yeast per 100g flour.

The whole wheat seemed to proof the fastest, and was the most slack. Next


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  1. habanerogal says:

    So nice to have you on the twitter now Kevin ! It is a great way of sharing fresh posts with people who like to read your work Looking forward to hearing more about the oven adventures

  2. alan roberts says:

    Wish I lived closer. I’d drop in for a burger and some brilliant looking bread. Cant wait for my own wood fired oven. Starting to search out some local sourdough.

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  4. Kieran says:

    I’ve read through the posts about your WFO and I’m inspired to look into doing something like this for myself! Have you ever cooked with a Dutch oven in the grill pit?

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