Antipasti-pasta & Poached Peaches

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Some food bloggers have ‘standards’ and only publish wonderful content. Not me. I post everything, whether it’s good or not.

Tonight’s dinner was an ‘antipasti-pasta’. See, we stock up at the local Italian market on Friday mornings – immediately following an espresso and fresh pastry [we show up when they open, and the pastries are melty, but that’s another story]. So it being Thursday, we had odds and ends that needed to be used up so that we could feel justified in buying more tomorrow! So in went roasted Sheppard peppers, genoa salami, spicy green olives, basil and chives from the garden, topped with some good tuscan olive oil. I think I’ll be looking forward to another antipasti pasta next week. It’s dang tasty, and would always be a bit different depending on what tickled our fancy at the deli counter.

That same wonderful Italian market carries fantastic semi-local seasonal produce in big boxes at low prices. Last week, I picked up some peaches, and poached them whole. My wife’s a raw-fruit fan. I’m a cooked-fruit guy, no contest. A few days ago, I had some, and topped it with sweet clover honey. Holy crap is it good. Better than good. If it was a wine, I’d give it a 92+. Tonight, I upped the ante a little and took my brulée torch to the top for a bit of crunch. This is one simple-assed dish that I’d be proud to serve at a posh multi-course event. The flavor really delivers.

Last item of the day. I got an email from an uncle this afternoon, putting me on call. Apparently the Canada Geese are feeding heavily on the section of land my dad lives on again this year. My uncle is a hardcore goose hunter. And I mean hardcore. He lives for this stuff. So in the coming week or so, I’ll be up far before the sun to go hunt some geese. I’ll post more about this when the time comes.

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