ARSAN’s Biointensive Farm & Eco-Village Projects

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This summer I spent a lot of time doing video production work for Alberta Agriculture & Rural Development & a related project [partially funded by AARD] called ‘Think Local Market’ – a municipal and provincial initiative that provides rural producers access to an online sales and marketing environment. All told, I think I wrapped 16 videos related to those two projects in the past couple months – which to be honest accounts for some of the lack of generating my own content through the summer months. I wanted to share some of those vids here because 1) the content is completely on-topic and 2) it’s my blog now, isn’t it.

This one’s about two projects initiated by ARSAN, which in turn was funded by AARD. I’m particularly fond of their resolve to demonstrate how much biodiversity can be grown intensively with minimal resources – kind of my gig here at home. Their eco-village is a particularly interesting initiative too, as I know there are folks out there who would be keen to live in the kind of community Brian talks about in the video. More details on these projects at

Arsan’s Biointensive Farm & Eco Village from Kevin Kossowan on Vimeo.

3 Comments on “ARSAN’s Biointensive Farm & Eco-Village Projects”

  1. Danny and Shannon

    I am so proud of our Viking ARSAN group! Diane, Brian, and many more, have the drive, determination, and “out of the box” thinking to make amazing things happen!
    Oh Kevin there are so many cool stories you could do on the individuals in this group and what they’re trying and doing that is so far beyond the imaginable scope of what farmers on the prairies farm!
    I’m SOOOO happy that your path and Brian’s finally crossed!
    Oh and side note our Rge Rd 135 dinner used heritage tomatoes and some eggs from the ARSAN farm. I was blown away when I got there and saw the massive size of this garden! and there was may be a handful of volunteers working there, who were very tanned and tired!

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