August Abundance


It’s a little sad that the leaves are starting to change colors. We only start getting them in May up here, so seeing signs of their departure only 3 short months later somehow seems unfair. But those signs also are indicators of extremely exciting things knocking on our calendar’s doorstep: garden harvest, fruit harvest and winemaking, shaggy mane hunting, butchering season, and hunting season. But the precursor to all that action is a solid month of serious abundance from the garden. So


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  1. concretematt says:

    Hi Kevin,

    Good to see you last night. This is a great looking blog so much useful information for food lovers around Edmonton. Some great ideas, insight and just inspirational for opening peoples eyes about what the food scene can look like in Edmonton and Alberta.

  2. Yes, the summer has gone by so quickly. First it was anxiously waiting for the fresh food and now it is a scramble to put it away for the winter.

  3. Elaine Yakiwchuk says:

    Hey Kevin! So glad that I had a chance to meet you and Pam at Annalee’s wedding. Love your blog!! (I am anxious to hear more about the root cellar developments! ) Keep up the good work :)

  4. Kevin says:

    Matt – thanks for the beaming review.
    Sarah – absolutely. Time to figure out how to use all the produce that won’t store well…
    Elaine – It was great to meet you too, always nice to encounter gardeners in my peer group. :)

  5. August, September, October are more “favourite” months for the garden is in harvest mode. You are absolutely right!!! And, then there is the canning and freezing that goes along with it.

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