Avalon Dairy’s Whipping Cream

This photo is for a friend [you know who you are] who has been searching for a heavy cream that contains only cream [see ingredient list on the bottom of the cap]. He’s long held that whipping creams at supergrocers tend to have other ingredients in them – presumably stabilizers(?), etc. If you check the back of the carton, you’ll find he’s right. This, coming from a guy who’s neither a food snob nor organic-o-phile.

Lucky for him, Avalon Dairy Ltd. is a 10 minute drive from his home in the lower mainland. I love the place, visited it last week on a quick trip to Vancouver, and buy their products regularly here in Edmonton at Planet Organic. It took me a long while to latch on to a small producer dairy – which is odd as I’m into small producers very seriously in every aspect from meats to wines. Perhaps it was their lovely glass bottles which you return when you’re done, that don’t make you feel like you’re drinking a plastic or paper product. Perhaps it’s that their dairy products are clearly very high quality. Perhaps it’s the satisfaction of drinking un-hormoned and antibiotic’d milk. And then there’s the price. My next best option for heavy cream is from Vital Green Farms, in my own province, w presumably a smaller carbon footprint. But you see, they charge $4 or so for 250ml of their heavy [extremely heavy, I may add, 50%+] cream – while Avalon charges the same for 500ml. 50% less expensive, while maintaining high quality = one happy customer.

If you have access to Avalon’s products, you really need to try their chocolate milk…

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  1. Allan Suddaby says:

    Hey Kevin. Long time listener, first time caller.

    I never would have thought to look at the ingredients of cream (mmm… cellulose). It's crazy that a natural form of something so simple is largely unavailable.

    Also, I didn't know what milk was supposed to taste like (or that milk even had a taste) before I had Vital Green's product. I'll have to try Avalon, too.

    Good post.

  2. Kevin Kossowan says:

    Good to hear from you Allan.

    Vital Green Farms is a sorely needed producer in Alberta, and their cream is the most gloriously viscous dairy product I've ever seen.

    I like your blog. Keep in touch.

  3. Jason says:

    Was talking to Landon on Saturday about my search for dairy-flavoured dairy (Denis Leary-style) and my lack of luck @ Planet Organic. Will take a stab at these guys, thanks bro.

  4. Litcube says:

    Yaaay! Good find!

    Totally going to try this!

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