Back-to-back tenderloin posts. Sweet.

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This time, calf elk. Having had the reindeer and calf elk back-to-back, I can say with some certainty that calf elk is far more delicately flavored.

This time, sauteed rather than pan roasted. I’d thrown in some thyme, chive, and a crushed clove of garlic to fry with the meat. That clove of garlic, all caramelized, was one of the best parts of the dish.

This time, with mashed potato. And baby dill. And wild chive. And cottage cheese. And sour cream. My one-year-old felt it was a good medium with which to mash in minced tenderloin, so one could eat it with a spoon.

And this time, with young swiss chard – my first good feed of the year. A most underrated veg. Just eating it makes you feel good.

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