BBQ Oven Action

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I’ve posted about this setup before. But then in all my wisdom, I nearly deleted all of my new wordpress blog-post-blogger-transition. I don’t recommend it. So some of the content from that post, well, died. Permanently.

No matter. I had a good friend coming over for lunch today as I live close to his new City TV gig downtown, and figured the garden salad  on the menu might not tide him through his day. I had a bowl of dough in the fridge – Anita’s Organics stoneground ww, and unbleached white. So some tasty flat bread hopped on the menu. Then one thing led to another, and I’m glad I picked up the HD camera throughout, as it made for a good overview of my eccentric, atypical use of my formerly-propane bbq. And yes, this is the same setup I use to smoke and grill – minus the masonry.

Although I still intend on breaking ground on my wood fired oven project one of these days, this setup certainly made me pause to consider the low-cost, easy access, minimum time investment, sufficient, and sensible approach that can be had with free stuff. I heart kijiji.

Don’t burn your house or somebody else’s down trying this at home and blame it on me. I don’t have propane or natural gas attached, near, or even friends with my bbq. I’m just sayin’.

5 Comments on “BBQ Oven Action”

  1. Thomas

    I can’t wait to read about your wood fired oven project, which is something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time now. I’m sure it can’t be easy!

  2. Kristeva Dowling

    Hey Kevin,

    Loving the new website, congrats! It’s lovely, as are your photos. You are getting to be quite the well rounded ‘artiste’! Incidentally, can you describe the method of making carpaccio (or direct me if you already have a post on this). I’m thinking about the little goat tenderloins (you really should see them, compared to moose, they are very quaint!).



    PS. Might be getting to Edmonton in the near future… is the invite still open? Would love to have a live chat/coffee with you.

  3. Greg

    Rad. We salvaged a barbecue from the dump, with your simple smoker design in mind. Saved prunings from the apple trees, too.

  4. Kevin

    Thomas – me too. Don’t remind me of all the hard work part though….
    Alan – good!
    Kristeva – I emailed you.
    Greg – oh, how that makes me happy. Can’t wait to hear how it works out.

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