Become an Egg Snob – I Dare You


It’s not news:  food does not need to be complicated. This morning at the market we stopped by Green Eggs & Ham to pick up some duck eggs. $4/half dozen that even this self proclaimed cheapass is fine paying, as duck eggs are sizable, going roughly twice as far as chicken eggs. And the verdict is that not only are they novel, the quality is superb.

Although I try not to be a snob if I can avoid it, I do curse when I


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  1. Back yard chickens for everyone! 3 hens will happily live in an oversized dog run, eat a bag of feed every so often and all your kitchen scraps and give you eggs every day (except maybe in the winter). The city of Edmonton is seriously considering making back yard chickens legal – keep an eye out for the news (or, if you have nice neighbours who like eggs, you could always practice civil disobedience … you’d not be the only one!).

    I haven’t eaten a store bought egg since we got hens – and you are absolutely right, nothing matches real eggs. :)

  2. concretematt says:

    You inspired me with this post. I went to Careit this morning to buy duck eggs. Really great, I think the best way to describe it is that the egg as a whole carries more weight, the yolk is more rich and white seems more subsistent in some manner. They seem to fill you a bit more, like your body somehow knows that what you are eating carries more nutrition even thought in form it seems like a regular egg only a bit larger.

  3. Kevin says:

    AJC – Oh, how I’ve considered civil disobedience…
    Matt – glad you gave it a go!

  4. Did you see my post about going to the farm to learn about city chickens? I only buy eggs from the farmer’s market – and have my favourites. There is NO – absolutely NO comparison. I just bought some guinea fowl eggs from GE and H to try. Love trying them all. Duck eggs make excellent zabaglione. They don’t break down like the others… Great post!

  5. Kevin, get yourself a fenced run in the backyard and a little henhouse (doghouses work … so do large rubbermaid bins!) … and I’ll supply the hens. ;) I’m happy to barter for apple wine or canned goods!

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