Beef Butchery Workshop 2012: The Details

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After a successful first go at ‘Pork Butchery Workshop‘, and due to loads of demand, we’re now taking a crack at an inaugural ‘Beef Butchery Workshop‘. In case you’re wondering, I deleted the workshop page from my site because my inbox was getting inundated with inquiries. Still figuring out what to do about that exactly. In the meantime I’m posting details of coming workshops here.

Date: October 20th

Location: Sangudo Custom Meat Packers


8am. Kill a cow. Then, gut and skin cow, taking the necessary time to harvest and chat beef offal. Speed tour of the layout of the meat shop. We’ll then break down a side of certified organic beef and talk through your cut options with each primal. Eat some beef lunch. Spend the afternoon doing some beef charcuterie preparations, this time courtesy of chef Chad Moss. Then, we shall dine on beef and red wine. The end.

Everybody will go home with a minimum 5lb box of beef goodies – bones for stock, some fun off cuts and offal, etc.

Buy-in for this one’s higher because a head of certified organic beef costs the same as about 10 pigs in this case. That, and quite frankly the food and booze at pig day was largely donated, and we are trying to price this to be a financially sustainable endeavour. To keep costs manageable, we’re doing a price point of $250 for the whole day, meals and booze included, and you go home with the 5 lb box referred to above as a party favour. If you want in on the meat we’re cutting that day, which certainly would be a wise move, we’re going to be dividing a side into 10 equal boxes and you can take home one of those boxes [1/10 of a side of beef] for an additional $100, which is essentially at cost. So $350 w/ a meat share, $250 w/out. Up to you.

This one is a long way to selling out after a couple tweets that it’s going down, so if you want in, you’d better act quick. I’m taking registrations via email:

Deal will be the same as before: cash day-of. We’ll hold you to your word on you being there if you’re going to have us reserve a spot for you.

ps. a game butchery workshop is in the works too. november. elk.

2 Comments on “Beef Butchery Workshop 2012: The Details”

  1. Michele Meston

    Hi Kevin,
    My son (23)@ttp33 who lives in Calgary and I would be very happy to participate in your Beef Butchering event!
    If you can accommodate, pls let me know what we need to bring and we will be at Sangudo meats early Saturday!
    Appreciate the opportunity!
    Michele Meston
    (recent Edmonton transplant-secret foodie, grower and localvore)

  2. Heather Anderson

    I was referred to your through Annette Anderwald; WOW, I LOVE YOUR SITE AND WHAT YOU’RE DOING !! You’re my hero !!
    the more in dependency we can acquire on food production, the better !! Jeff @ Sandgudo Meats has done my beef in the past, and the guy is amazing, did the best job yet on processing/cutting. I love dealing with ‘ integrity ” !! As an ‘ ex-hunter’ myself, i can appreciate the benefits of learning the process of cutting and wrapping, and with the way I see legislation/ gov. policy eliminating the small family farm, / home producer, I think that this is an essential skill for all to learn. I would be very interested in future ‘ butcher ‘ workshops, so PLEASE, PLEASE PLEASE add me to your workshop wishlist.
    thank you !! for all that you’re doing ! Your unique twisted sense of humor and candor is refreshing, entertaining AND educational ! You’re a great candidate for cloning !!

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