Letter to The Moose & Elk

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Dear moose and elk,

You won this one. You did. But it’s not because you’re awesome, or cause you ran really fast or hid really good. The big reason you got away lucky was cause I was in camp crumpled on the floor with the flu. Otherwise, you were totally, totally, totally in so much trouble. And yeah, whenever we found you we didn’t have a tag for your particular ‘gender’ or ‘age’, but really that’s not something to be proud of. It’s pretty ‘sexist’ and ‘agist’. Yeah, ‘agist’ is a thing, even if you’ve never heard of it cause you live in the bush.

If you laughed at me while my sick self glassed you to determine that I couldn’t shoot you, I’m totally coming after you next year. In fact, either way I’m coming after you again next year. Yeah, be scared. And guess what. My hunting buddies bagged 2 bull elk, 2 cow elk, and 2 moose calves the weeks before and after I was there. They totally have your number. Be scared.

See you next year.

Sincerely – Kevin

6 Comments on “Letter to The Moose & Elk”

  1. becky3086

    Typical hunter- always has an excuse for why he didn’t get one, lol. Better luck next time!

  2. Phillip

    I always see more moose than deer…. until i have a moose tag. atleast you didnt miss a shot like *cough cough* i did last weekend.

  3. Hilda

    Haha best hunting post ever. Except you know the ones where they actually come home with something. But hey, you made me laugh!

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