Biggest blog break…ever?

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Thanks for the prod, Des – and yes, everything’s good. Barring perhaps the January lull of food inspiration. But it’s February now, and that lack of inspiration is changing like the weather and the length of day. It’s time to get my seed catalog orders in. Which means it’s time to do some extensive garden planning – something I was unable to do last year amidst the renovation, travel, etc that consumed my life. This year will be the year of setting roots in my new gardens that will be ten times the space we had at our old place. So much to do. So much to look forward to.

The actual reason for my absence wasn’t because of hours of plant research – but because of a new arrival in our family. I now have two lovely daughters. Thankfully, this little one is the opposite of the last, and we have a peaceful little sleeping newborn around the house rather than a second round of colic hell.

So I’m here. Planning. Setting roots. Doing lots of homework. Many food adventures ahead this year, and I want to be ready…

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