Birthday Al Fresco w/ Prosciutto and Spam

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After much consideration of what to eat and drink on my birthday, I settled on: small bits of things to eat, and small bits of things to drink. The warm weather demanded al fresco – which meant cooking on a fire. Skewers of veg, beef steak, tomatoes straight from the plant, Oka cheese, and more ended up on the menu – but here are some highlights that hit the camera. On the left: grilled prosciutto steak. I bought a copious amount of prosciutto for very little money which permitted us to play with such otherwise-ridiculous concepts. Very salty, but very very tasty. A few of the other things we enjoyed:
Grilled spam, grilled pineapple, topped with Edouard Artzner ‘compotine de fruits secs’ [Edouard Artzner is an Alsatian foie gras producer – which is the intended pairing of their compotine]. The odor of the spam reminded my brother and I of canned foie gras – hence the relationship. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.
Prosciutto-wrapped pineapple. Clearly on the ‘bacon-wrapped-whatever’ line of thought. Prociutto fat flares up more than I’m used to from other meats for whatever reason. Useless fact for ya. Honestly, I like the look of the fire so much in this photo that I’d have posted it no matter what was on the grill.
Chocolate-espresso cheesecake. Oops, I overcooked this big guy. Luckily, it was but one of the 2kg+ of cheesecakes I made last night. The individual portions in ramekins were cooked properly in a water bath, thankfully.

Grateful for the warm weather. Grateful for the friends and family. Having a grateful kinda day.

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