Bumper Beans


Didn’t I just pick these?!? 1.9 kg – or just over 4 lbs. Good thing I have a load of guests around this weekend who will likely be into eating a bunch of garden produce. But I’d better figure out a good way to preserve some of these, as it’s getting tough to keep up. This is the first time in my gardening life that I’ve been inundated with bush beans – I’ve produced enough to enjoy a modest feed here and there in the past. But this year it’s: feast quick, cause there’s more coming!

A quick ‘From  Local Farms’ update: I’m off to Sundog Organic Farm this morning to shoot there. I’ve got Nature’s Green Acres and Serben Free Range in editing, and am going to be able to start ‘releasing’ them sooner than expected. I hope to have Nature’s Green Acres up before Monday.

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  1. My bush beans are just coming in – can only hope to have as many as you’ve been harvesting! If I do, I think I’ll pickle some.
    Looking forward to your From Local Farms work – love seeing what is going on in your area too.

  2. Greg says:

    At first glance, you appear to be one person. But with your productivity this year, I’m not so sure!

  3. Kevin says:

    Rebecca – pickling is topping the list at the moment. First, pigging out.
    Greg – oh, I’ll burn out by mid-Sept, more than likely.

  4. I had never had pickled beans before this year – a coworker brought some in, and then I was given some in trade for wool. I LOVE them!

    My beans are getting to that size …. might have to pickle some. :)

  5. Beans are great producers. My favourite is mustard beans and I toss them with baby potatoes for a quick and low fat potato salad.

  6. Kevin says:

    AJC – my wife knits and we need to talk about getting wool from you.
    Sarah – mustard beans – is that pickled?

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