Butchering #4 – Whitetail Deer

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Butchered the fourth big game animal of the season this morning. A white-tailed deer. Looks big, but cut weight was just under 40 lbs. For context, my calf moose was 100, and Henry’s 2 or 3 year old bull moose was 240. My dad’s cow elk was high 100s-200 I think.

So my adventure in cooking venison begins. First lesson for me is the vast variation in size. The pack of tenderloins in my hand weighs 350g. The same thing from my calf, unpackaged, was 965g. A beef tenderloin is about the size of the thickest part of my forearm. I look forward to the verdict on flavour profile and texture relative to other game meats – and will share my findings when the time comes.

One Comment on ““Butchering #4 – Whitetail Deer”

  1. Chad

    My friend and I were just poking at the white tail buck that’s hanging in his garage and were wondering about the usability of it’s ribs. There is meat there, but it’s quite thin and in between the thin layers of meat there is a layer of fat. Did you use it’s ribs for anything? Do you know what the commercial butchers do with deer ribs when an animal is brought in?

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