Buy the wines you love, 3 minute meals, and pizza

I really, sincerely, feel for those who drive in rush hour traffic every day. I work from home, and book my meetings to avoid rush hours, but yesterday I had no choice but to sit, frustrated like everyone else, for the nearly hour drive home that normally takes about 20 minutes. I was starving when I got home, and the photo above was what I ‘cooked’ for dinner in about 3 minutes. Rachel Ray says 30 minutes is quick – I say 3 minutes is quicker. This is a good example of why I feel others don’t need to know how to ‘cook’, they just need to know how to shop for food. My grandparents used to eat like this when I was a kid, and I hated it [where's the meat and potatoes?!]. Now I love it. Maybe it’s because I can now enjoy it with a glass of wine…

At the bottom is a shot of one of many pizzas we made after a post by Maryann. Doing our own pizza is not new – we go on binges. This binge was well overdue after the summer heat, and the oven being off limits week after week.

And lastly, I had to mention something I learned about wine this week: if you find something you like that you want to re-buy – buy it asap. Monday I helped a friend buy my ‘dream case’ [actually closer to two cases] for his cellar, and as we arrived at the shops to pick up my favorites, we kept running into ‘It looks like we’re out of that one’. I planned on buying a half case of 2001 Chateau Grossombre after recently trying it. And it’s all gone. No more. And it looks like I’ve had my last Chateau Puygeraud and Trapiche Malbec for a while. So I’m going to go buy some wine. Maybe today. That sounds like a good way to spend a Saturday morning!

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