Calf Hunt 2007 Day 3

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This morning was action packed. There’s 4 of us, and we travel in 2 vehicles. My dad and I in one, and a cousin and good friend in the other. My dad spotted a cow-calf in a field headed for this bush, [translation, cow with calf, as opposed to a ‘dry-cow’, meaning not nursing a calf], which sent us into the area in the photo above. The maneuver we pulled worked, and my dad sighted the calf as it entered the bush, we heard them, they did what we wanted – but the wind was not in our favor, and luck was not on our side to give my dad enough time to make something happen.

As we sat there, we heard 3 shots. The other 2 saw some action too. Long story. End of which is that we did not field-dress [gut] and animal this morning.

This evening was quiet. We saw 2 cow moose, 3 elk, and 21 deer. No calves. This luck has to turn around soon, as I’m leaving Sunday morning.

I cooked about 4 lbs of bison tenderloin this evening. Pan roasted, with roasted potatoes, coleslaw, and pan gravy with thyme and garlic. It was popular. Note to self: elk tenderloin is more tender than an old bull bison, and the bison tasted more like game than like beef.

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