Calf Moose Burger

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I get rather long-winded about regional foods at times. So here’s me, stepping up to the plate [no pun intended]: calf moose [harvested in Alberta], Alberta beef, garden onion and herbs, farm egg from Saskatchewan. Reaching on the egg from Saskatchewan, not so regional, but it’s what I had. And yes, I know virtually nobody has access to wild ‘veal’, which is a shame – but try elk. Or bison. Or whatever else is hunted or farmed or hit by a car on a highway near you.

Suggesting a ‘recipe’ of exact proportions goes against the spirit of the hamburger. This is moreso simply what I had for dinner, posting it in my delusion that folks around the globe are actually interested. The concept is to have quality ingredients, and seasoning them to suit your mood. In case you’re wondering, the beef is added to get the fat content up as the calf is extremely lean. I’m thinking one of these times I may just add straight beef fat.

1 kilo or so of calf moose round
1 handful of regular ground beef [for fat] ½ a garden onion, fine dice
3” fresh rosemary, finely chopped
sprig of fresh thyme leaves, finely chopped
couple healthy pinches of kosher salt
15 or so turns on the pepper grinder
1 farm egg
tbsp or two of breadcrumbs

1” dice the calf, add all together in a bowl, mix and let chill and rest
grind through coarse die on meat grinder
make patties

Tonight, mine was topped with fresh plum tomato and chard from the garden, horseradish [not from the garden, but I’m working on it, the roots should be ample for harvest next year], mustard, and ketchup. The calf cooks up quite pale compared to other games, and even compared to beef. It’s a whole lot like veal from what I can tell. I’d be more forceful on the seasoning next time. It was very mild flavored, especially for what most would expect from a ‘game burger’.

One thing I love about hamburgers – they allow you to control your portion size and prevent one from overeating.

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