Calf Moose Butchering 2007

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Eight to nine hours of butchering today. 3 sides of calf later, I’m tired. Yet again.

I’m happy to report that I used my new kitchen power tool for the first time, with great success. My main objective was bone-in shank. Mission accomplished. But what I thought I’d try to cut, and am now giddy to eat, are some ridiculously enormous slabs of ribs. Normally, we age game, much like beef, hanging it for a week or two. The ribs often dry out in this process ending up looking like something you’d rather not eat. With calves, they’re so tender, we don’t bother to age, which leaves nice moist sides of rib. This will be a first for me, even though I’ve eaten this stuff my whole life. Cannot wait.

The photo-of-the-day is a shot of my 9.5 size shoe for scale to show the size of a 5-6 month old calf moose. Man they’re big animals.

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