Calf Moose Hunt 2008 – First Morning

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We got lucky to get permission on an exceptional piece of land yesterday. We then got lucky again this morning that we found 5 moose on it – two sets being cow-calf. Populations are drastically down, thanks to a hard winter and deep snow a couple years ago – so this was some luck indeed.

The second cow and calf, within 80 yards, was feeding on alfalfa, and tucked into some nearby bush when we approached. We watched them for a long time, trying to assess the possibility of a shot through the trees. Then the cow turned around. We soon realized that she was headed back to the field, having become comfortable with us being there. Our fate had changed.

We waited as the cow went back to the field, and started feeding. We hoped and figured the calf would follow eventually. It took a while, but it did.

So I got a reminder today about where my food comes from – and some of the unpleasant aspects involved. It has its very unpleasant moments that might turn many meat eaters off of meat. It’s not for everybody, I totally get that, but for me, the whole experience is very grounding, exhilarating, humbling, and I hope I always take pride in being this connected to the meats I eat.

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