Calf Moose Ribs

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A’ite. Now normally, the week of butchering is consumed with eating fresh tenderloin. And I’m all about the tenderloin, but in I’ve already had bull moose, cow elk, and bull bison tenderloins from this year’s ‘harvest’. Time for a change.

Plus, I was super-stoked to try one of the products created with my new toy. The photo does not capture the scale of this rack of ribs: the platter is a foot wide and 16″ long. I got roughly 4 racks that size per calf.

I poached them for an hour and a half earlier in the day in water, dark soy, red wine vinegar, onion, and garlic. I then grilled them this evening, threw some hickory chips in there for a tish of smoke, and basted them about 3 times, both sides, with Rudy’s BBQ sauce. Canadian calf moose with Texas BBQ. Fusion? Hah.

What I learned. When one has calf moose, for the love of god, keep the ribs. One thing I will do differently next time a rack comes out of the freezer [which will be soon], is trim the loads of meat I left on. I thought meaty would be good. And it is, but I took that a bit far, as the…belly?…ends up unseasoned, unsauced, and a little sub-par. The rest of it rocked. The meat was mild in flavor as expected, the sauce was tasty, and digging into foot long ribs is really satisfying.

So my first time ever with game ribs – a tremendous success.

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  1. Susan H. Schaffer

    can anyone tell me where you can purchase moose ribs from? i want to buy some for my father in law. i appreciate anyone's assistance.

    thank you in advance.


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