Canada Goose Pepperoni Pizza

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So what does one do with many, many Canada geese?

One use: Canada Goose pepperoni pizza. My goose hunting uncle gets large amounts of pepperoni made from the goose meat – and Yen and I were recently hooked up. My wife and I are currently on a pizza binge, as happens from time to time. We eat it lunch and supper for 2-3 days, or until we run out of cheese.

This pepperoni also is one of the best snacks while packing up blinds after a successful goose shoot. It’s kinda like eating a fine Minestrone after spending a morning gardening. Kinda. Except cleaning veg is easier than cleaning 40-50 geese. And less messy. A lot less messy.

One Comment on ““Canada Goose Pepperoni Pizza”

  1. William Kossowan Jr

    Well, seems like hunting is alive and well on both side of the family. At our annual gun club’s “Game Supper” we look forward to Pheasant, Grouse, or Venison Pizza. If you ever get some venison, can help you with a Greek Stew recipe called “stephatho” – Enjoy in good health –

    Bill Kossowan Jr.

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