Canette au Vin – more Burgundy…


Important facts:

  • this was my first trip to France where I had a kitchen nearly the whole time
  • I was resolved to cook classics [ex, coq au vin was on my list]
  • the french have so many options for poultry, it will make your head spin

A ‘canette’ is a young duck, so this was a rich dish that was a popular one. Nothing fancy: browned leg of young duck, some solid Monthelie 1er Cru les Duresses [local Pinot Noir, of course], some mushrooms, some shallot, some time in the oven. Cooking ‘local’ in a foreign country that’s so passionate about food is really fun!!

I’ll get to local [as in...where I live...] food again soon, honest. I’ve been reveling in lovely baby salad greens from my new garden, and a salad is bound to make an appearance soon. Late in the growing season, I know, but that’s what happens when you leave the country for a few weeks in May/June. I only got one feed of garden asparagus in before leaving. Tragic, I know.

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