Episode 57 – Sunrise Farm

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A couple decades ago, some forward thinking individual(s) decided to put on a holistic management course within the agriculture community, and whoever you are/were, I thank you. The output of that re-think of industrialized ag can be seen in the successes and influence of Ron Hamilton (Ep. 4), Peter Lundgard (Ep. 47), and featured in this one [and long overdue … Read More

From The Farmers’ Mouth – Time to Vote

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My highlight reel of ‘From Local Farms‘ videos was just chosen by Daniel and Mirra of The Perennial Plate as a top-four contender in their recent video competition. I’m honored to be on the list, to say the least. The very reason I started a video series at all was directly because of Daniel and Mirra’s earliest episodes – inspiring me … Read More

Jack-o-lantern & Chevre Cupcake

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Although not a big TV watcher, I have to admit I really love ‘Jamie at Home’. I was  recently watching his winter squash episode, and he  very quickly whipped together butternut squash cupcakes with a very low-sugar icing. ‘Hm’, thought I, ‘I have a bunch of jack-o-lantern pumpkin in the freezer that needs to get eaten’. Then, thought I, “I … Read More

From Local Farms – Sunworks Farm

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My time with Ron Hamilton of Sunworks Farm left me drowning in fascinating content – making this the most challenging edit to date. Ron and Sheila have been at this game longer than all the others I’ve covered so far, and have achieved a level of success in the organics business that places them as leaders in their industry. Being … Read More

Egg Loveliness

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Two seasonal things to like here. First, the sun only shines like this on my dining table for a few mornings a year before moving position. Second, the chickens are getting a broader range of feed outdoors now that the snow has buggered off and the overall quality is reflecting it. Back to the rich, creamy, dark yolks [they’re more … Read More

Bacon & Eggs: 2 Ways

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It was bacon smoking day. What to eat while smoking bacon? Bacon, of course. What to pair with bacon? Well I had some ridiculously nice eggs, and last time I checked, bacon and eggs were buds. Dandelion salad w/ bacon-cider vinaigrette, minced bacon, poached egg, toast, and steamed asparagus. I’ll be honest: dandelion have not been in my repertoire prior. … Read More

Egg Season?

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The hens are clearly rooting around for food again. When I first tried eggs from this farm, they were in a glorious state, and I was sold forever. But as we enjoyed them through the seasons, we noticed that in the winter, the yolks paled up to something more akin to what we get at the store. I was disappointed … Read More

Asparagus, Bacon, Poached Eggs & Toast

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Asparagus is in season. Somewhere in the world, at least – certainly not in my garden that’s under 2-3 feet of snow still. But it’s half the normal price and it’s fresh, starting in Feb around here. I happen to hold asparagus at the top of my favorite-veg-list, and although I’ve been tempted to hold out for local asparagus season, … Read More