Grinding pork

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Better the spoon than my digits, no? The grinder has to learn to play with others. A friend and I cut 3 sides of Berkshire hog yesterday, and one thing I was resolved to do was to grind my meats that day in one big shot rather than to do so each time I was making sausage, or needed ground … Read More

‘Are there more?’ Grilled Pork Ribs

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At some point over the winter, I cooked my first rack of ribs from my Berkshire hog side in the oven, and they were okay at best. Disappointing, for sure. Last night I had my last pack of ribs in hand, and was resolved to do better. And better they were – some of the best I’ve had. Key concept: … Read More

I Heart Making Italian Sausage

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Look kinda gross? Sorry, it’s just hungarian paprika making some otherwise very nice pork look not so very nice. This is mis-en-place for some Friday-night-sausage-making. This time around: sweet Italian sausage, as per the direction of Ruhlman in ‘Charcuterie’. You may tire of hearing me flog this book, but I will never cease to tire of flogging it. For the … Read More

Prickly Ash…Sweet & Sour…Pork Shoulder?

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Man, I’m glad I have friends that travel. Due to their freedom [newborns don’t exactly allow much culinary globetrotting], I get enjoy some small wonders from abroad. This time, some prickly ash of some kind from Laos. I think. What I do know is that the citrus vibe on the nose is really pleasant. I had to try it. So … Read More

Scrambled Yak and Jowl

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Scrambled eggs hold a place dear to my heart. And you can hold the white truffle, and pair it with some high pedigree apple juice, please. Why write about scrambled eggs? Two reasons: Yak butter, and Jowl bacon. The yak butter: right off the bat, it smells cheesy more than any butter I’ve encountered. The kind of cheesy that’s just … Read More

Mmm, smoke – I could almost eat my jacket

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I’ve posted often enough about bacon to skip the details. Short story: the last batch was awesome, and it’s all gone. So out came another slab of belly. And what’s this…hog jowl? Hm. And is that a pack of calf moose belly? After a week of curing, they were smoked with apple and hickory. Man, I love hickory. For some … Read More


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So is it worth it? Is there any savings to buying a whole or side of animal? First Step I tromped down to the freezer, and yanked all the packs I’d previously put there to freeze, back out. My inner cheap-ass required it. Required I weigh it. Required I do some math. 28.8kg, my scale says. So roughly 63 lbs. … Read More