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From The Farmers’ Mouth – Time to Vote


My highlight reel of ‘From Local Farms‘ videos was just chosen by Daniel and Mirra of The Perennial Plate as a top-four contender in their recent video competition. I’m honored to be on the list, to say the least. The very reason I started a video series at all was directly because of Daniel and Mirra’s earliest episodes – inspiring me to pick up a cheap Flip camera, introduce myself to some farmers, and press some record button. My life, quite literally, has not been the same since.

So a big thank you goes out today to Daniel, Mirra, all the passionate farmers, and especially to you for taking the time to watch what other folks have to say about our food world. You plugging into and supporting projects like The Perennial Plate matters – it creates cracks in a food culture needing to evolve.

Please click over here to like the video on facebook, and vote for it too while you’re at it. If the vid wins the day, it will replace the regular programming of The Perennial Plate next Monday, exposing it to a very large viewership of like minded folks across many borders. That would be very cool. Even if it doesn’t, big thanks to Daniel and Mirra for your support of what I’m up to and sharing your audience.

From Local Farms – Serben Free Range


Jered Serben is the 4th generation in his family to tackle farming out by Smoky Lake. Over the generations, his family went from traditional pioneered diversified family farm [was there a method other than organic in the early 1900's?], to industrial conventional  factory pork farming – all the way back to natural, free range practices. Having grown up immersed in the business of  ‘factory farming’ pork, he has an unusually credible position to speak to that approach. He even takes us for a little tour of one of the remaining now-vacant pork barns from that era that still stands on the property. The pork’s now chemical free and free ranged – as are his chickens, turkeys, and sheep.

Unlike his great-grandfather’s, you can buy Jered’s products online via their website.

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