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From The Farmers’ Mouth – Time to Vote


My highlight reel of ‘From Local Farms‘ videos was just chosen by Daniel and Mirra of The Perennial Plate as a top-four contender in their recent video competition. I’m honored to be on the list, to say the least. The very reason I started a video series at all was directly because of Daniel and Mirra’s earliest episodes – inspiring me to pick up a cheap Flip camera, introduce myself to some farmers, and press some record button. My life, quite literally, has not been

Hitting the Farm with Culinary Students


At their request as a consulting local food ‘expert’ [makes me cringe to refer to myself as such], I’ve headed up a couple food adventures lately with some of NAIT‘s culinary arts students. Last week was foraging for highbush cranberry – still have to write about that one. Yesterday though was a farm experience I hooked them up with out at Sundog Organic Farm. We got a tour from Jenny who explained crop rotation, their seeding schedule, infrastructure needs, etc and then hit the field to help them get

Sundog Organig Farm – Teaser


I think I’ve mentioned before that I’m producing a video project with Sundog Organic Farm that will span the next few years. I’ve been out there a few times lately to capture where their land, family, and heads are at, and wanted to put together a super-quick trailer to give folks involved [and you] a sense of the feel of where I’m headed with it at the moment. The feel might change, the post-audio will get done, and I’ll spend more than 15 minutes on

Sundog Organic Farm – The Big Move


I spent a very cold but beautiful morning watching the sun rise over Sundog Organic Farm‘s new home a half hour or so northwest of the city. I was there to shoot photos and video for a project they asked me head up to document the journey of establishing their new organic vegetable farm – a multi-year project that I anticipate being rewarding for all parties involved.

The barren winter agricultural land was a poignant reminder how dramatically our food scene changes through the seasons.

From Local Farms – Sundog Organic Farm


Jenny’s visual arts background explained for me why their stall at the City Market is so darn eye appealing. The overall vibe compels you to stop for a look at the myriad of colors, shapes, textures, and artful display of it all. In my mind, these folks help fill an important void in our regional food culture, making a brilliant diversity of veg available to the masses. Not seeking the conventional, the easiest, the biggest, or the most shelf-stable, they get excited about the fragile,