2nd Annual Game Dinner Eve

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Last year my dad asked me if I’d be willing to cook a multi-course dinner featuring the different game birds and big game that he and his friends hunt. It was a really memorable party. 7 courses, lots of drinking, and lots of being merry. It far exceeded expectations. So tonight, we’re hosting the follow up to this event. I … Read More

Party season

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Time for our 3rd annual winter party. I was hoping to make it an annual event back when I did my first one, and I’m really pleased to be at the third already! I’m going to try a couple recipes from my charcuterie idol, Michael Ruhlman. Oh. I diverge. I emailed the guy, I think I mentioned this. Well he … Read More

Bacon and Venison

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I smoked bacon in -24 and snow today. Far more enjoyable in the fall, but seems to have worked okay nonetheless. Cured pork belly is not near as good as its smoked counterpart. It’s not just the smoke – in this case, hickory. It’s a texture thing too – it firms it up, changes the character of the meat, and … Read More

Engagement Party Dinner

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Saturday night I put together an ultra-posh ‘French Bistro’ themed 5 course menu to celebrate M & D’s engagement. A quick review: Wine pairing for the next two courses: Crémant d’Alsace from Turkheim we brought back from our recent trip to France. It’s essentially champagne, from Alsace. We tasted at a lot of wineries before settling on this as our … Read More

Culinary Accomplishment – Paté de Campagne

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I am preparing for a very posh, French Bistro-themed dinner party to celebrate M&D’s engagement. Included on the starter menu: Paté de Campagne. Luckily, my charcuterie mentor had a great recipe for me to run with – and this baby is gonna be good. Some flavour components to get one excited: pork liver, brandy, nutmeg, clove, and heavy cream. I … Read More

A Sausage First

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Today I completed my first attempt at making my own sausage. It’s a lot of work, but damn tasty. I made a pork garlic sausage with herbs my garden and red wine I made with airborne yeast and no chemicals. It was an important first step in my quest to make a variety of ‘gourmet’ sausages during this year’s coming … Read More