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Episode 26: Smoke & Ice


I grew up hunting and gardening, abandoned them both as a young adult, then fell in love with both again later in life. Apparently, same goes for ice fishing. I have semi-fond memories of exhausty ski-doo-trailer rides on to the lake, sitting on a pail getting blasted by the elements, eye lashes freezing together, not catching much of anything, getting cold, and hearing stories about how at one time you caught way more and way bigger fish. When you’re a kid, those kind of stories are far from

2007 Game Dinner Photos

my grandpa signing a portrait he painted in ’64 that hangs in our home
cured and apple-smoked shoulder of wild boar [sow, actually]

cured and smoked wild white spring salmon

2nd Annual Game Dinner Eve


Last year my dad asked me if I’d be willing to cook a multi-course dinner featuring the different game birds and big game that he and his friends hunt. It was a really memorable party. 7 courses, lots of drinking, and lots of being merry. It far exceeded expectations.

So tonight, we’re hosting the follow up to this event. I like to think of it as a ‘thank you’ to the guys who take me out hunting and keep a seemingly endless supply of game in my kitchen throughout the year. Tonight’s menu: