Cellar Dream-Come-True

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I knew when I built my wine and root cellars, that they would bring me joy – but I had no idea it would happen so thoroughly, so quickly. Today I made a batch of very, very large saucisson sec. It was time to try again after my last slightly hurtful failure, and the humidity in my cellar has been … Read More

FROM LOCAL FARMS – Smoky Valley Goat Cheese

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Used to be that fine goat cheese was something my wife and I would enjoy while traveling in France. Ten years later, as did the Smart car and Sephora, artisan goat cheese showed its face in Edmonton. When Smoky Valley Goat Cheese arrived at our City Market this spring, I wrote about it immediately. It changed our household food culture … Read More

Dinner Party Menu

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A breakdown of the menu for some new friends that came by for dinner last night. Excluding the first course – a salad from the garden…forgot the photo. The first three courses were paired with an alsatian riesling, the following 3 with a right-bank bordeaux. Overall, a lovely night: berkshire tenderloin on white bean purée, crispy sage pickled whitefish, dill … Read More

Campaign for More Cheese

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Another new year’s resolution: more cheese. As mentioned in a prior post, if you know how to get your hands on some tasty cheese, you can end up looking like a star even though you know jack in the kitchen. Fortunately for me, my wife requested a cheese dinner for two for her birthday. And fortunately for me, my wife … Read More

AOC Burgundy…but Cheese, not Wine.

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Another post about missing out on Christmas dinner. I’ll get over it, don’t worry. This cheese was slated for the cheese board that night, and we gave it a go this morning with some Canadian dessert wines. This is my new favorite cheese. It’s an AOC Burgundian cheese with an inside appearing crumbly like a drier goat cheese, but with … Read More