Jack-o-lantern & Chevre Cupcake

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Although not a big TV watcher, I have to admit I really love ‘Jamie at Home’. I was  recently watching his winter squash episode, and he  very quickly whipped together butternut squash cupcakes with a very low-sugar icing. ‘Hm’, thought I, ‘I have a bunch of jack-o-lantern pumpkin in the freezer that needs to get eaten’. Then, thought I, “I … Read More

Root Cellar Update: December Garden Veg

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Well. Success. I’m very grateful that the principles of cellaring are not rocket science or prohibitively expensive. This is my first winter with a functioning root cellar for veg – built in a corner of my conventional concrete basement – and every last item in there is providing valuable education for how to manage my cellar moving forward. So here … Read More

More Root Cellar Bins

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Having been pleased to get rid of some of the scrap ‘destined to be repurposed’  wood out of my garage yesterday, I spent a couple hours of the cool morning to use up what used to be the main cold air return duct framing in our house. Bins for the cellar: 4. Waste: 0. I’m also looking forward to having … Read More