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I spent a lot of time in the kitchen today. Lunch was a thai green curry ling cod with rice and chard. Supper was a steak sandwich with grilled shoulder of beef and pagnotta garlic toasts. I thought shoulder of beef needed a moist cooking environment. I was wrong – it’s excellent grilled. I should have known, as my favorite … Read More

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A notable meal. Not only because of some nicely grilled ling cod fillet – but because these are the first carrots and beets of the year. With a little french rosé and a bowl of home-made ice cream for dessert, it made my evening. Jay was over and we got to check out his new wheels. Very nice vehicle. We … Read More

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Tonight, I’m not sipping wine. I can sense your shock. Tonight, I’m sipping tea. I grabbed some organic mint tea that we bought because it was supposed to help with colic. Yeah, not so much. Anyway, I realized, looking at the tea bag steep, that I have loads of fresh mint in my garden. So out I went to make … Read More

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I helped my dad plant his garden today. I really enjoy planting, as it means you get to eat loads of awesome food in a few weeks. It was also the first harvest of asparagus – a noteable event every year, and a reminder of how much better fresh garden produce is than the product you buy in stores. I … Read More

Good eats

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I felt like something healthy. The stodgy rissoto-like thing on the left is a true fridge and cupboard raid – north african vibe. Brown rice. A pinch of cumin seeds, ground up. A few dried apricots and a prune, chopped fine. Half an small onion. A clove of garlic. A few sliced cremini mushrooms. Some sultana raisins. A couple good … Read More

Garden Season Is Here!!!

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I know. This isn’t exciting for most people. But this is a big deal to me. This is a picture of Korean chives breaking new growth. My sage has this season’s baby leaves on it. My swiss chard, which I’d heard is a biennial, is pushing out leaves that in a short week or two will be big enough to … Read More

Butternut Squash

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This is the first butternut squash I’ve grown and eaten. And it’s a huge one. Guess there’s a reason it’s called winter squash…it being in great shape in nearly December. You can see the water droplets on the left side it was so juicy. I wrapped 1/6 each in foil with some Bardi extra virgin olive oil from Petroio in … Read More

Wife, Art, and surprise: Food

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My lovely and pregnant wife is starting to show, which is pretty head-warping, but also very cool. Our friend Thaneah just left – she stopped by to drop off some copies of the CD we worked on earlier in the year. Looks like we’ll be working on another one this winter. A little shorter, a little more collaborative rather than … Read More