Blanched Dandelions

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I’m starting to see dandelions as the single-most misunderstood wild food. People spend much time eradicating their robust roots from their monoculture of lawn. They spend money on toxic pesticides and various pieces of equipment designed specifically aimed at waging war on the dandelion. As I have in the past, I will offer the ultimate solution: eat them. Only this … Read More

Direct Sown Seedlings

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Germination. Although the snow has taken a serious beating as of late, my north garage bed that in the past has provided for copious greens is still under about 2′ of snow. But in the cold frames, life has begun. Arugula [seen left], radish [bottom], spinach, and the mesclun and ‘greens’ mixes are showing their faces. Not a great accomplishment … Read More

Let the Seeding Begin…Early

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What a weird growing year, and it hasn’t even really started. In 2004 we left for Europe mid-March, and I’d already fully worked and seeded my then-south-facing-bed. We are experiencing its antithesis – below average temps and scads of the record-breaking snow still everywhere. Were it not for my cold frames, I’m not sure how far out direct seeding would … Read More